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Road & Land Survey Earthwork Quantities

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Road-Master software is useful for doing cumbersome earthwork calculations using land survey data. It has two modules, namely, Land-Survey and Road-Quant. Land-Survey module generates 3-D view from any angle, for easy data checking and contour maps for desired contour intervals. Two sets of data, one for original land profile and other for proposed one can be given. Program works out excavation and filling quantities, for the proposed land profiles. Road-Quant module takes the data at each chainage, along the length of the road and works out the quantities of Soil Cutting, Rock Cutting and Soil Filling.

Road-Master software has two modules, one for General Land Surveying and other one for Earthwork quantities of Roads.  

Land Surveying module, is useful for doing cumbersome Earthwork calculations, for any general land profile. The Field book and Survey data, such as Staff Readings and Change Points itself can be entered. The Reduced levels are then calculated automatically using this data. Reduced levels can also be entered directly without any staff readings.

Program generates a 3D View of the ground profile, which can be viewed from any angle for easy data checking. Contour Maps can be plotted for any desired height intervals. L sections and Cross sections are also plotted. The cutting and filling quantities involved for the proposed ground profile can be easily calculated.

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Road-Quantity module is useful for calculating the Embankment Earthwork quantities involved in Road Construction. The Reduced level Data shall be entered along the length of the Road, at any desired intervals such as 10 mt, 5mt etc. Data shall be entered giving the levels of Original Ground Level (OGL), Rock Top Levels (RTL), Black Cotton Soil Top Levels (BCTL) and Final Levels or Progress Levels (FLPL). Program will graphically draw the section at each chainage and work out the Quantities of Rock Cutting, Black Cotton Soil Cutting, Non-Rock Cutting and Soil Filling Quantities.

Although the name of software is Road-Master, its scope is not restricted to roads only. It is applicable to any shape of land profile such as Canals, Trenches, Bridge approaches, Railway Track Earth Fillings etc.

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