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The Software mentioned above are developed by ENSOFT INDIA, over last decade. They are widely used by reputed consulting engineers,architects and contractors.Software were upgraded over the years using latest tools and techniques. More information, pricing terms can be obtained from Ensoft's Sales Office at Mumbai, India.

Structural Design Products



Software for Building Analysis, Design & Details

Build-Master is the flagship software of Ensoft. It is a complete package for RCC Building Analysis, Design, Drawing and Estimation. Data for building is entered floor wise, in the form of graphical sketch. Program will generate 3D frame model with earthquake and wind loads.It designs RCC beams & Slabs at all levels and also the columns and footings. It generates working drawings of floor plans, design schedules and beam details in DXF format, which can be read by CAD pakages. It also estimates quantities of concrete, reinforcement, brickwork, plaster etc., automatically from floor plans without entereing data in L x B x D format.




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Structural Steel Design Package

Steel-Master software is for the design of steel structures, like industrial sheds, trusses, columns, gantry girders, portal frames, Multistoried platforms and towers etc. It has many pre-defined truss and frame configurations. It calculates the dead load, live load and wind load automatically. It also generates section-wise quantities of items. Rolled sections like angles, channels, hollow box or tubular sections can be used in design. It comes with a Built-Up section Editor, with which user can create his own Library of frequently used sections.




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Road and Land surveying Package

Road-Master software is useful for doing cumbersome earthwork calculations using land survey data. It has two modules, namely, Land-Survey and Road-Quant. Land-Survey module generates 3-D view from any angle, for easy data checking and contour maps for desired contour intervals. Two sets of data, one for original land profile and other for proposed one can be given. Program works out excavation and filling quantities, for the proposed land profiles. Road-Quant module takes the data at each chainage, along the length of the road and works out the quantities of Soil Cutting, Rock Cutting and Soil Filling.




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Quantity Estimation Products



Buildings Quantity Estimation From CAD Drawings

BUILD-QUANT has a new concept of reading CAD based Architectural and RCC Plan Drawings directly to work out the quantities. Dimensions of beams, slabs, walls are read from the drawings. RCC Design schedules of beams, slabs, columns and footings are read to get the sizes and rebar steel details. Lengths of bars are calculated by program itself. It generates quantities of Brickwork, Plaster, Flooring, Door/Window, Concrete, Formwork and Steel.




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Bar Bending Schedule & Quantity Estimation of Rebar Steel

Preparation of Reinforcement Bar Bending Schedules for RCC work at construction sites is the most tedious and time-consuming task. The shape of each and every bar is to be derived exactly for cutting. With increasing cost of steel, it has become necessary to minimize the wastage. Bar-Be-Que software takes care of all these aspects. Bar-Be-Que not only have a standalone option for Manual data entry of each bar, but it can also read the Rebar details from CAD drawings directly. It generates Bar Bending Schedule Drawings as per IS & BS codes with Diameters wise break up of Rebar Quantities.




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Project Quantity Estimator

Quantity Estimation involves a lot of cumbersome calculations using various formulae. The use of calculators and Spreadsheets (like MS-Excel) for Quantity Estimation is a widely accepted practice. These methods require a lot of back breaking tedious work involving Linking of cells in Spreadsheet. It is now possible to reduce all these hassles by using the FORMULATOR, revolutionary new Quantity Estimation software developed by ENSOFT. The scope of the FORMULATOR is not just restricted to Civil Engineering Projects but it also extends into other avenues such as Mechanical, Chemical and even Electrical Engineering Projects.




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Rate Analysis Package

RATE-ANLY software is useful for contractors and Architects for Rate Analysis of Construction items like concrete, brickwork, plaster etc. Analysis of a item is defined in terms of materials labour and overheads. For any change in material rates, program calculates the new item rates. From the given quantities of a project, it also works out the materials take off, using the same rate analysis.




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A Customer Relation Management (CRM) Software
Smart FollowUp is not an Address Book Software nor a Mailing List one. It is neither an Appointment Software nor a Project Management one. It is not an Accounting Software nor an Inventory Software. Click below to know about Smart FollowUp.



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