Few words about ENSOFT......

Ensoft Consultants is one of the few firms established in India, 35 years ago, for developing construction industry related software products. Some of the software are

  1. BUILD-MASTER: Software for design of low-rise RCC buildings.
  2. BAR-BE-QUE: Bar Bending Schedule & Quantity Estimator.
  3. FORMULATOR: Quantity Estimator for Civil & Infra projects.

First version of their flagship software Build-Master was introduced in 1990, which was MS-Dos based and the Windows version was released in year 2000. Software is continuously upgraded thereafter, with 2005, 2012, 2018 and 2020 as major releases. Build-Master software is used by thousands of engineers in more than 300 cities across 29 States all over INDIA.

Software is compatible with all Versions of Windows OS. Input and output files can be accessed externally using Text Editors. Output files are stored in multi-color HTML formats. All output drawings are in CAD compatible DXF file format.

Bar-Be-Que software for bar bending schedule and quantity estimation is applauded by engineers and cotractors in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, UAE, Zambia to mention a few.