Software for design of Low-rise RCC buildings

Build-Master software is for the design of low rise RCC buildings. Single line plan of beam centre lines shall be drawn at each level within BuildMaster or AutoCAD compatible DXF files. Program generates 3D frame model out of these plans, calculates slab loads and wall loads on the beams. It calculates earthquake & wind loads and does equivalent static analysis of building frame. It designs RCC beams & slabs at every level and then designs columns & footings as well. It generates working drawings for RCC floor plans, design schedules and beam details in DXF format, which can be read in any CAD package. It also estimates quantities of concrete and rebar steel.


For engineers, architects, builders and contractors :

Build-Master has been designed for all the above four audiences. Rigorous analysis of buildings and design of RCC components can be done easily with a few keystrokes. The detail working drawings are ready for final review in a drafting package.

Quantities of concrete, rebar steel, brickwork, plaster, flooring, built-up and carpet areas, can be obtained using the same input data. Since the cost estimation is also available, user can change the parameters, to get optimum desired design easily.

A complete package for building design and estimation

The first version of BUILD-MASTER software was introduced way back in 1990, which was MS-Dos based, and the Windows version was released in year 2000. The software is being upgraded over the years, as per the evolution of computer hardware and software technology, with continuous efforts and the quest for excellence. Versions 2005, 2012, 2018 and 2020 are major releases. Build-Master software is used by thousands of engineers in more than 300 cities across 29 states all over India and abroad.

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