Quantity Estimator for Civil & Infra projects

Quantity estimation with spreadsheets is a widely accepted practice. However calculation formulas are not easily visible in spreadsheets. One has to click on cells to see the formulas. Generating reports by linking of cells and sheets is tedious. It is now possible to reduce all these hassles by using Ensoft Formulator add-on software for an easy and quick way of estimating quantities involved in construction projects. The scope of Formulator is not just restricted to civil works but it also extends into other avenues like Interior works & MEP projects as well.

In Formulator the project is defined in terms of tasks or objects. For example, a Building project comprises of objects like beams, columns, and staircase etc. Interior work projects will have tasks like false ceiling, flooring, furniture etc. These objects involve items of work such as concrete, brickwork, tiles, plywood etc., which are tender items. The main aim of estimation is to calculate the quantities of these items of work. Each of the items involves materials, machinery, and labour (which is part of rate analysis).

Formulator program works out the quantities and generates Item wise quantity summary and and task wise cost summary. The outputs are in XLS files as well, so that user can take advantage of spreadsheets for generation of final reports. Formulator is user friendly and requires minimal amount of training for a new user. Get in touch with us for more details.